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Your Savings

Mileage Reimbursement (50wks)
Estimated Savings (25%)
Solution Cost ($60/driver/year)
Return on Investment

Streamline tasks and let mobile employees recoup 3 productive work days per year.
35% of employees guesstimate when they self-report mileage.
This can cost companies an additional 25% or more in reimbursements annually.

Comprehensive Mobile and Web Software-as-a-Service

Mileage Capture
Fleet Management
Detailed Driver Logs
Google Maps & IRS / DOT Reporting
API Data Integration
Payroll and Expense Systems
Low Pricing & 24/7 Support
"TripLog solved our issues 100 percent. What took 4-8 hours manually is now done in under 10 minutes." - Director, Large Enterprise Services Company

Reimbursement Plans

Fixed and Variable Rates (FAVR)

Smart Mileage Program

  • Non-Taxable Reimbursements
  • Geographical Cost Data
  • Motor Vehicle Records and Insurance Verification
  • Account Administration and Quarterly Reviews
  • Full Assessment and Comparisons

Easy Setup

Tax Automation

Increase Productivity

  • 30-day No Obligation Trial Use
  • Quick Start Pilot Program
  • End-user Training Company Rollout
  • User Guide / FAQ & New Driver and Admin Introductions

Direct Integration and API Available